1) How To Shift The Oops Page From Your Studio

NOTE; this is designed to shift the Oops page to page 2 of your studio so you can access page 1 again and see creations you wish to upload on page 1 of your studio. The Oops page will eventually go away by itself from page 2, in the mean time page 1 is usable again.

Step 1) Go to CAS and select a basic item of clothing (make sure it is not CC!)

Step 2) Do a basic recolour of it, nothing fancy, no pattern changes, keep it cc free

Step 3) Package it, call it whatever you want

Step 4) Open your Launcher and upload it to the Exchange

Step 5) Check your Studio to see if the Oops page is still there

Step 6) If the Oops page still shows on your studio repeat Step 1 to Step 5, but make sure you call it something different otherwise it won't upload

This process may need to be repeated up to 10 times before the Oops page is shifted to page 2 and you can access page 1 again.

Once the Oops page is on page 2 DO NOT delete any of the items of clothing you have just uploaded to shift the Oops page to page 2 otherwise the Oops page will return back to page 1. After you have noticed the Oops page has gone from page 2 (this may take a few days) you may then delete these items of clothing from your Studio.